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Dr. Doonan has spent her career working with people who have learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, brain injuries and multiple physical disabilities.

She has worked at Blythedale Children's Hospital in New York and served as a consultant for special education to the College Board, the Brockmann Foundation in Guadalajara, Mexico, various national organizations and numerous school districts and universities.  She was the founding director of nationally acclaimed innovative program for college students with learning disabilities,  and has worked with students with multiple physical disabilities at the high school, college and graduate school levels.  She was in private practice in Chappaqua, New York.

Dr. Doonan is an internationally recognized authority on brain functioning, is a researcher in the field and is a requested speaker at national and international conferences.  She is one of the founding directors of The Mentor Connection, a consulting service that assists students who have special needs.  She can be reached at:



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We are pleased to announce the following selection, slated for publication in December 2011

                       Dr. Marijanet Doonan's

           Create Success 

   Strategies that Change Lives 


   Students with Disabilities


       This book presents a discerning look at Ten Ingredients, which  if used  successfully,  can  truly make a difference in the education of students with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders.

        While it targets these populations specifically, the Ingredients work for enhancing the education of all students.  It is a practical, down to earth approach that encourages students to become active learners and provides examples for how this can be accomplished.

        It has been described by parents, therapists and educators as the ultimate handbook for those who wish to obtain an effective education.

Pre-publication copies available at $15. plus $2.50 for postage and handling. 

To order contact Dale Staunton at     peterboropress@gmail.com

We are also publishing Dr. Doonan's next book in this series  set for publication in January 2012.  


Create Success  
An Insider's Guide
to College
 For Students with Disabilities





















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